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Bensalem Emergency Medical Services Continuous Quality Improvement Program

Bensalem Emergency Medical Services operates a comprehensive Continuous Quality Improvement Program (CQI) to ensure competency in the training, skills, and overall service to our patients by our staff. The CQI committee consists of Physicians and paramedics who review more than half of the patient care reports filed each month, exceeding the Pennsylvania Department of Health minimum standards for quality assurance.

The CQI committee also works to identify specific skills that need improvement. Our members are then put through training scenarios in our mobile simulation lab where they can practice their skills as needed.

Our patients’ comments and suggestions are always considered by our CQI committee. Anyone having questions, problems, or other issues for our CQI committee can call our station at 215-245-4305, or send an email to


Project C.O.P.E.
(Community Outreach and Public Education)

Bensalem has a large infrastructure that includes a large senior high school, 3 public middle schools, 6 public elementary schools, and several other private schools. Bensalem has a police department of more than 100 members and 6 volunteer fire companies. Bensalem EMS is the only ambulance service in the township.

It is easy to see that Bensalem Township is a very busy community and is still growing. Currently, all EMS efforts have been focused on operations. Bensalem EMS answers nearly 7,000 calls per year. The Squad is equipped with 6 Advanced Life Support Units. Bensalem EMS has also helped to establish 4 first responder engine companies, the placement of AED’s in police vehicles and in some public buildings.

Bensalem Emergency Medical Services recognizes that now more than ever is the time to promote the health of our residents through public education and aggressive prevention programs. Other programs are geared to begin providing help prior to EMS arrival, such as by-stander CPR training and AED programs. This program lays the groundwork for the future of EMS, and will impact not only Bensalem Township but the entire Bucks County region.

Studies across our Nation have shown communities with strong public outreach and education programs have dramatically reduced the rate of morbidity and mortality for victims of sudden illness and injury. This is made possible through the public having the ability to intervene in the event of an emergency and bridging the gap until EMS personnel arrive on scene.

Prior to C.O.P.E., Bensalem Township had no organized effort to promote education about emergencies and the EMS system to the public. Bensalem EMS intends to promote an aggressive program to educate the public, and to promote the use of AED’s in the community and the workplace. While the Squad is willing to devote itself fully to this project, our resources are limited. Much of Project C.O.P.E.’s funding must be raised through the public and private sectors.

Currently, Bensalem Emergency Medical Services conducts a monthly community CPR class as well as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) for healthcare providers.  Please call (215) 245-4300 to inquire about our classes.