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About Bensalem EMS

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bensalem Rescue Squad is to provide competent and caring aid to the victims of emergencies in our community, through prevention, public education, and emergency services. The mission of the Squad includes cooperating with other services and aggressively seeking ways to better protect and treat the public we serve.

Vision Statement

Our Organization

Bensalem EMS shall maintain a staff of forward thinking individuals, who on their own are leaders of our industry. The squad shall rely on their collaborative efforts to move forward in a unified direction continually striving for improvement. It is the goal of Bensalem EMS to achieve levels of excellence founded on basic skills and rooted in our history.


Bensalem shall be the organization others in our region turn to for assistance and guidance.


Our Staff

Bensalem EMS shall invest in our staff and in the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the individuals that make up Bensalem EMS.


Bensalem EMS shall be an organization that careers are built on. It will be a place where staff members attain a high level of excellence, where education and training is encouraged. Staff member shall be eager to better themselves and to share their knowledge with peers and the community


Our Community

Bensalem EMS shall be a ROLE MODEL in our community, an organization that takes pride in hard work and pays attention to small details. Bensalem EMS will make that extra effort to help those in need.


Bensalem EMS shall leave a legacy of honor, tradition and innovation.

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